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GCS has the capabilities and experience to take on all jobs — including high density interconnect (HDI) fabrication. HDI PCBs have become increasingly popular and are used in a wide variety of industries.
State-of-the-art facilities and leading HDI PCB manufacturer with deep engineering experience with most sophisticated production and testing equipment, we can handle the most complex HDI projects.

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HDI Technology Capabilities

Feature Mass Production Small batch Sample
Max Layer count 18L(for system HDI) 20L(for system HDI) 22L(for system HDI)
12L(for any layer) 14L(for any layer) 14L(for any layer)
HLC+HDI Plus4 Plus4 Plus4
Min Micro-via Size 3mil 3mil 3mil
Min Micro-via Depth 1.5~3.0mil 1.5~3.0mil 1.5~3.0mil
Micro-via PAD Size D+6 D+5 D+4
Micro-via A/R 0.7:1 0.8:1 0.8:1
Min Hole wall to Hole wall spacing 14mil 12mil 12mil
Laser dielectric FR4 FR4 FR4
HCL+HDI+GF Yes Yes Yes
Copper Filled Microvia Yes Yes Yes
RoHs Certification &Green material Yes Yes Yes
Impedance Control ±10% ±10% ±8%
Hybrid Construction FR4 hybrid FR4 hybrid High speed +FR4 hybrid
Materials Std. FR4, High Tg FR4, TUC, Shengyi, Iteq, Panasonic, Ventec, Nelco, Isola, Rogers, Dupont, Arlon
Standards IPC6012, IPC-2226

Applications for High Density Interconnect PCBs

High-Density Interconnect (HDI) printed circuit boards are a specialized type of PCB known for their compact design and increased circuit density. HDI PCBs are used in various applications where space constraints, signal integrity, and miniaturization are critical.

  • Smartphones and Mobile Devices: HDI PCBs are widely used in smartphones, tablets, and wearables to accommodate a multitude of components within a small, slim form factor. They enable the high functionality of modern mobile devices.
  • Laptop and Desktop Computers: In computers, HDI PCBs are used to create compact motherboards, enhancing performance and power efficiency while reducing the overall size of the devices.
  • Data Storage Devices: In solid-state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs), HDI PCBs are employed to manage complex controller chips and memory, ensuring fast data access and reliability.
  • Telecommunications Equipment: HDI PCBs are used in network switches, routers, and communication devices to provide high-speed signal routing and compact layouts for efficient data transmission.
  • Medical Devices: Medical equipment like MRI machines, CT scanners, and monitoring devices use HDI PCBs to maintain precision and compact design, especially in portable diagnostic equipment.
  • Automotive Electronics: HDI PCBs are used in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), infotainment systems, and engine control units (ECUs) to save space and enhance performance in vehicles.
  • Aerospace: In avionics systems, radar technology, HDI PCBs enable high signal integrity in a compact, lightweight form to meet the demands of the aerospace industry.
  • Consumer Electronics: HDI PCBs are found in gaming consoles, home entertainment systems, and high-definition displays, providing efficient signal routing and compact designs for these devices.
  • Wearable Technology: Wearable devices, including smartwatches, fitness trackers, and augmented reality glasses, utilize HDI PCBs to optimize functionality and minimize size and weight.
  • Industrial Automation: In industrial control systems and automation equipment, HDI PCBs enable compact designs and high-speed signal routing for precise control and monitoring.
  • RF and Microwave Applications: HDI PCBs are used in RF (radio frequency) and microwave applications, such as RF amplifiers and signal processing, to maintain signal integrity and reduce interference.
  • Test and Measurement Equipment: High-performance test and measurement devices, including oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers, use HDI PCBs to ensure high precision and signal fidelity.
  • Robotics: In robotics applications, HDI PCBs enable the integration of sensors, control systems, and communication components in compact, high-performance designs.

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HDI PCBs play a critical role in modern electronics, enabling the development of smaller, more powerful, and highly functional electronic devices in a wide range of industries. Their compact and dense design allows engineers and designers to push the boundaries of technology while meeting the needs of today’s demanding applications.

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